"welcoming those who sometimes feel isolated, providing a safe place for growth and discovery and sharing tools to live happier lives"


Geoff Ashcroft run the following activities, some may be seasonal or subject to available staff:

  • Craft (painting and other art activities)

  • Community Meals

  • Free tea and coffee

  • Music Recitals

  • Art and Music Therapies

  • Field Trips

  • Creative Writing Workshops

  • Light Exercise Classes

Times & Cost

All activities are free, we ask for a small contribution towards meals but this is voluntary:

At present our Tuesday program has been suspended due to a shortage of volunteers.  We hope to work with our members to offer more very soon.  

Thursdays during term time:

  • 11.00 - 2.00 pm Art/Music Therapies, Creative Writing Classes, Music Recitals etc. (See Diary for details)

  • 1.00 pm  Lunch

Want to get involved?


“I come to GAC twice a week.  I like coming as it gets me out meeting people and gives me a chance to talk about anything that's on my mind.  GAC has built up my confidence and encouraged me to talk to other members if I have any problems with anything.”


Community Member


“I enjoy being part of the Geoff Ashcroft Community because I get to be creative and playful


Community Member

“I come to the Geoff Ashcroft Community because it is a welcoming, friendly space where I can spend time with people in my community. I really enjoy the time I spend at the Geoff Ashcroft Community - it keeps me from feeling isolated.”


Community Member


“I come to the Geoff Ashcroft Community because it helps me deal with issues in my life.”


Community Member

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