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Again and Again and Again

Sitting alone thinking 'bout stuff

Wondering how I got so old

Not any wiser, ain't that the truth

Sometimes angry and bitter and cold

Living on memories, most of them bad

Sick of the boredom and pain

Stuck in a rut the same thing each day

Again and again and again.


Bereft of emotions, hungry for life

For friends, a companion and more

Praying to God to sort this all out

A reason to walk out the door

Living in fear that past will return

To haunt me and cause me more pain

Make me believe I will never be good

Again and again and again.


Reading the Bible searching for me

Prophets and preachers and love

Divine intervention the answer for sure

A hand that's stretched from above

Realisation it's already here

The reason that I am still sane

Thanking the Lord for not letting go

Again and again and again.


(Brian R Steele)


From "Poems and Stuff - From the Heart"

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It's time to say goodbye mate

Sorry it took so long

But you know that we miss you

And you're home where you belong

No more pain or heartache

And lots of stuff to see

We will remember always

With half a cup of tea


So we bless you now today mate

And remember times we had

Like laughing at my silly jokes

Even though most your times were sad

And quoting from the bible

And keeping smokes for me

And a slice of lovely chocolate cake

And half a cup of tea.


So keep a watch for all of us

We will join you there some day

And talk of all we've done and seen

And stops along the way

So here's to you my brother

In our memories you will be

We toast you and your passing

With half a cup of tea.


(Brian R Steele)


From: "Poems and Stuff - From the Heart"



Geoff Ashcroft Community, safety and hope         

A place where you can chill out

Talk to some friends, a good cup of tea

A listening ear there’s no doubt


To help with your problems, ease of your fears

A way to handle the day

Being together and sharing in life

And lots of fun on the way


So if you are feeling lonely, vulnerable or more

And want to talk to someone who knows

Pop in and see us, we won’t turn away

And share your life’s highs and lows


Share this community, make some new friends

Join in with activities and food

Reach out a hand and someone will help

Together we make bad times feel good


(Community Member 2010)

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