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Six Ways to Well-being



It is hard to find well-being on our own.

Building friendships is part of being a member of the Geoff Ashcroft Community.



Helping others is good for us too.  The Geoff Ashcroft Community is one place where we can give our time and skills.



To see ourselves as part of a bigger picture is good for us.  We welcome people of all faiths and no faith and seek to learn about each others' spiritual journeys.

Taking Notice


It's good to be curious and recognise what is beautiful all around us.  We help each other be aware of the world on our doorstep.

Keep Learning


Learning new things makes us more confident and can be a lot of fun.  We encourage each other to learn and achieve new things.

Being Active


Light physical exercise is good for our mental health.  We support each other to stay physically active.

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